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good food is blu
The Restaurant

good food is bluleaf

blu’s team of creative chefs strives to serve menu items that will give customers a pleasant culinary experience. with excessive attention paid to the fancy aspects of a diner’s meal, however, it’s easy for a restaurant to overlook the basics: people want to enjoy what they eat. when you leave blu, you’ll have enjoyed a high-quality, well-priced meal that nourished your body and soul.

what people say?

Thank you for a fabulous afternoon enjoyed by all and we will definitely be back! Thank you for all the time you gave us and for helping to make Sam’s 21st Birthday a memorable experience for all of us. The pleasure was ours!

Lety Ognenis

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - Late
Friday - Sunday 12pm - Late
Closed Monday


88 Rosewood Avenue Woodlands,
Western Australia

Phone: 08 9242 8222

Please call (08) 9242 8222 or
book your reservation online.

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