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good food is blu
The Restaurant

good food is bluleaf

blu’s team of creative chefs strives to serve menu items that will give customers a pleasant culinary experience. with excessive attention paid to the fancy aspects of a diner’s meal, however, it’s easy for a restaurant to overlook the basics: people want to enjoy what they eat. when you leave blu, you’ll have enjoyed a high-quality, well-priced meal that nourished your body and soul.

what people say?

Many thanks to you, Ryan, Stephanie and your staff for the work you put into making my birthday celebration such an outstanding success. Many of my friends have made unsolicited, complimentary comments about the good food, excellent service and pleasant venue.

George Gouteff

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - Late
Friday - Sunday 12pm - Late
Closed Monday


88 Rosewood Avenue Woodlands,
Western Australia

Phone: 08 9242 8222

Please call (08) 9242 8222 or
book your reservation online.

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